The first thing you should know is that this site isn’t a blog. japanewshub.com is a news aggregator for news about Japan and everything Japanese. It also provides simplified social networking functionality, giving members the ability to upload links to content about Japan, as well as the ability to comment on content.

The site was born from a simple desire: making a one stop shop for Japanese news, trends and the like. This desire was fuelled by the creator finding other Japanese news aggregation services lacking, as they frequently uploaded near identical content from different publishers: making a large amount of the information and links they provide redundant. He also noticed that a large amount of the articles on Japan were hosted on other international news sites, and wanted to make a site where people could share news about Japan from their respective news sources.

The site makes extensive use of Facebook open graph tags: information freely provided by webmasters to make (sharing) their content more accessible. Any information including but not limited to images, descriptions and titles obtained through open graph tags remains property of the respective creators.

Currently this is a "one man operation" and as there are only so many hours in the day, the creator cannot guarantee that the site is free of offensive material (or spelling/grammatical errors :P). While open to discussion, the appropriateness of content (including but not limited to links and comments) on the site is at the sole discretion of the creator. And the creator in no way claims to offer a "safe space" free of trolling, offensive language, links to sites requiring eye bleach, links to "Nigerian Princes" etc, etc, etc.